20 years ago, Doug Hayward answered the call to bring the ancient wisdom of the yogi’s to State College, PA. He began offering classes at PSU and teaching in any space he could find until he opened his yoga school on South Allen Street in 2001. Doug has since closed the main facility and now works out of Yoga in Berks County; but, will be available on demand in downtown State College aligned with the belief that yoga is a unique therapeutic tool for the body, mind, and spirit. A beacon to local seekers, YISC continues to serve as the heart and soul of the State College yoga community.

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Yoga in Berks County

Meditation Training with DEEP U practice is a pathway to unlocking and/or opening the dormant mental faculties knowing that the body does not have to be perfectly still for the mind to be at ease.
During the training sessions you will be taught

1. Opening stretches.
2. Three part yogic breathing.
3. Candle meditation.
4. Constructive use of the imagination using the Shruti box and the colors of the rainbow.
5. Use of the hands to draw attention to the nervous system.
6. Sound vibrations using the Shruti box.
7. Understanding thought patterns.
8. Deep trance practice using Yoga Nidra.
9. You will be taught the Rites of Rejuvenation ~ sometimes referred to as the Fountain of Youth.
10. A special Yoga breathing technique to set you in position for a Rocker Meditation experience using your own personal Mantra.
11. How long to practice daily and how to know the difference between concentration and Meditation.
The practice ( once learned ) should last from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes once you have completed the training.
It could be said that concentration is the the driveway leading to the palace and that meditation is like being in the palace. Meditation is not like being un ~ conscious rather it is a state of super~consciousness that can be earmarked by a timeless state of mind.
The practices will be held Tuesday, Wednesday , and Thursday by demand
At the end of the third session each participant will be initiated with a mantra that will be used as the pathway to the Meditation Training Deep U experience .
Each session lasts about 75 to 90 minutes.
For all 3 sessions combined the Cost is $300 for an adult, $150 for College students and $75 for high school students.
We all feel a sense that we can improve on our internal dialogue or mind chatter in an attempt to better react to the pressures of everyday life ~ from work, class, and relationships. call 610-780-9821 to reserve a spot.

*** Bring your nervous system under control.

*** Make your mind stronger.

*** Enlarge your conscious capacity to use your full mental potential.

*** Get greater contentment, peace and inner happiness.

Classes are held three consecutive days once a Month.

The classes are held by appointment
Call 610-780-9821 for private or small group lessons . Entry Fee is $300 for Adults, $550 for a couple, $150 for College Students, and $75 for High School students.
To take the next step; e-mail for prerequisites.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Live it with Deep U Meditation!

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